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     I am often asked by tourists "Where's a good place to eat?" and I always answer the same way. "Tell me what you like?" Then I try to send folks somewhere they were not expecting because what's the point of visiting a new place only to eat what you could eat in your hometown?

     My suggestion is always to step out of your comfort zone and order something you wouldn't normally order. Or better yet, follow my lead and just say "Surprise me!" What's the worse that can happen? Oh sure, you might not like it. However, perhaps it will be the best thing that you've devoured in a long, long time. Either way, I promise you will have a fun culinary experience. Because one thing I've learned in my years in the food industry as a chef and fellow foodie is... it isn't just about the food you eat but also where, when and with whom you eat it with that makes up the whole culinary experience.

     My little town has a lot to offer in the culinary scene and we do it very well. But don't just take my word for it, come try for yourself and be the judge. And please don't forget to say, "Chef Leo sent us!"

      Eat Fbg!


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*The places I recommend are not paid advertisement. I stand by and support the businesses and people of these establishments.

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