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Hot Toddy

Prep Time:

3-4 min.





About the Recipe

A good Toddy has been known to jump-start mornings, cure colds and play furnace on a frigid evening


Boiling water, to fill a mug

4 cloves

1 star anise

1 small cinnamon stick

1 lemon wheel

2 tbsp honey or to taste

2 ounces of Sisterdale Distiling Bourbon


Step One

Fill a mug with boiling water. Add honey and stir to dissolve.

Meanwhile, stick the cloves into the lemon wheel and set aside.

Step two

Add the star anise, cinnamon stick and 2 ounces of Sisterdale Distiling Bourbon and stir again.

Place lemon wheel on the rim of the mug and let steap for a few minutes to infuse all the flavors and enjoy.

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