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Sparkling Apple Pie

Prep Time:

1-2 min.





About the Recipe

This holiday cocktail brings all the fall spices we all love but in a refreshing way!


1  ounce of Sisterdale Distiling Bourbon

1/2  once liqour 43

sparkling apple cider

4 dashes of cinnamon

small cube ice for shaking

thin apple slices for garnish


Step One

Fill cocktail shaker with ice and pour in 1 ounce of Sisterdale Distiling Bourbon, 1/2 once liqour 43 and 4 dashes of cinnamon. Cover shaker with glass and shake vigorously

Step Two

Strain cocktail into a champage flute  and top off with sparkling apple cider. Garnish with apple slices.  *for a more casual cocktail, pour into a tall glass with ice and top off with apple cider and enjoy!

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