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Tips: They're like hugs without the awkward body contact 

*This program supports service industry workers in Fredericksburg, Texas and the surrounding area. If you do not work in this area, you will not be added to the program. We apologize for having to be picky with this program. If you would like information on starting this program in your area contact us via the contact form. 


Music should be filling the air. Restaurants and bars should be packed with tourists enjoying Fredericksburg hospitality at it's finest. Wineries, breweries, and distilleries should be sharing their passion with others.


Instead, Main Street is empty, bars and many restaurants are closed, and tourists are nowhere to been seen. COVID-19 has hit our community hard. Many service industry workers are feeling the impact on their bank accounts. That is why we started TIP FBG TX. We are asking service industry workers (Bartenders, Waiters, Tasting Room workers, Musicians ect.) who rely on the generosity of tips to make ends meet to fill out the short form below. That way you who have your favorite bartender, server, or musician can still show your support during these tough times.  

Get To Know Who We Are

*The list will be updated at least twice a day. Once around lunch and again after 8 p.m


*Don't have a Venmo account? Set one up here


The next time you are having a drink at home, eating take out, or enjoying a home cook meal while listening to your favorite local artist, please consider using the tables below to tip your favorite workers or tip one at random using their Venmo accounts. 


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